#GiveLifeKC: Help End the Blood Shortage

Tired of hearing about blood shortages? So are we.  
Did you know that the Greater Kansas City area hasn’t had a healthy and stable blood supply for nearly three years? And we’re not alone. Blood centers across the country, and even the globe, are experiencing record low numbers of blood donations. Even prior to the pandemic, our country was already facing a looming public health issue: a lack of blood donors. 

#GiveLifeKC, an awareness campaign that launched January 2023, aims to put an end to blood shortages in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. This campaign will focus on increasing awareness about the important and consistent need for blood donations in our region.

Here’s how you can help:

Become a #GiveLifeKC Champion. 
If you’re as passionate about seeing an end to blood shortages as we are, sign up to become a #GiveLifeKC Champion. You have influence in your workplace, family, and friend groups. Use it! 

  • Pledge to donate at least once per season (or recruit someone to donate on your behalf).
    • Many people don’t realize that you can donate more than once per year, and in fact, we strongly encourage it! Whole blood can be donated every 8 weeks, plasma every 4 weeks, and platelets every 7 days (up to 24 times per year). 

Learn more about the different donation types here.

  • Support us during National Blood Donor Month
  • Support us throughout the year
    • Ask your friends to join you by committing to donating once per season (or recruiting someone to donate on your behalf). You can book out your appointments for the entire year. We’ll make it easy for you – just click here
    • Support us during critical times: holidays, summer/winter breaks, and months with harsh winter weather are always times in which we see a decrease in donations and often end up in a – you guessed it – blood shortage. We may ask for additional support during these times, just to keep blood donation top of mind when life gets busy. 
    • Host a blood drive. If you have a group of 30 or more dedicated individuals and some space to hold a drive, fill out this form and we’ll chat with you about hosting. 

Lastly, we partnered with Charlie Hustle to create our very own #GiveLifeKC Champion t-shirt! Sign up to become a #GiveLifeKC Champion and we’ll send you a shirt. 

Become a #GiveLifeKC Champion

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