Thank the donor logo featuring Thank the Donor letting in black over a green heart

Thank the Donor® lets a patient, friend, or loved one send an anonymous message to the person who donated the blood being transfused. 

Not only does Thank the Donor® give the blood recipient and their loved ones an outlet to say thank you, it can also inspire the blood donor, and potentially others, to continue giving the “gift of life.”

Saying “thank you” is as easy as 1-2-3

If you or a loved one are a blood recipient and have the DIN or unit number of the blood/platelets you received, follow these easy steps to send a thank you message to the donor.

  1. VISIT using a smartphone, tablet or computer
  2. SCAN the barcode of the Donor Identification Number or key in the numbers
  3. SEND your message with or without a picture/selfie or video 

The only personal information required of the author is name and email address, which is NOT shared with the donor.