CBC announces Donor Doc on blood drives!

What is Donor Doc?

Donor Doc is CBC’s new electronic donor health history software. It allows donors to proceed through the health history process at a personalized pace using a tablet.

Have I seen Donor Doc before?

If you’ve visited one of CBC’s donor centers recently, then you’ve already used this new technology! Now the great benefits of Donor Doc will be available on our mobile blood drives.

What are the benefits of Donor Doc?

Donor Doc is designed to streamline the donor history process while enhancing the donor’s experience.

Some key benefits include:

  • Donor Doc offers a simplified electronic process for collecting and reviewing donor history information.
  • Ability to maintain an electronic history of a donor’s travel information.
  • Immediate identification of donor history responses that require further staff analysis.
  • Allows CBC to work towards a paperless process for storing and accessing donor records.

How will the mobile donation process change with Donor Doc?

The process will look very similar to what you already know. When you arrive at your blood drive, you will still register with our CBC staff.  At Registration, our staff will provide you with a tablet that you will use to complete your health history questions. You will complete those questions on the tablet in a designated confidential area. Once completed, a staff member will review your responses with you in a private setting. Then you will proceed to the donation area to complete your donation.

Will the donation process be faster?

At first, it may take a little longer as the donors and CBC staff members become familiar with the process. New features provided on Donor Doc, such as digital picture and signature capture as well as historical travel information, will require a bit more time at your first Donor Doc donation. You will experience a faster donation process at subsequent visits.

What if I have questions about Donor Doc?

Our CBC staff will be ready to help answer any questions you have at your mobile blood drive. If you have questions prior to your blood drive, please contact Community Blood Center at 1-888-647-4040.