How To Enhance Your Donation Experience

Although you probably know that there are good reasons to give blood, if you haven’t donated before, it’s normal to be a little nervous. To help ensure that you have a pleasant donating experience, please read through the suggestions in this guide.


About the Donation Process

Donating blood is one of easiest ways to support your community. Your donation will save the life of an individual right here, right now. If you have never donated blood before, you are probably wondering what you can expect. Although the actual blood draw takes only a few minutes, the entire donation process may take an hour or more.

Step 1 Registration

  • Present your photo ID Card
  • Read information sheet about donating blood.

Step 2 Donor Health History and Mini Physical

  • Provide basic demographic and health information
  • Answer questions about past and present health history (information is kept private)
  • Undergo mini exam to determine if you are able to donate (temperature, blood   pressure, heart rate). Give blood drop to determine hemoglobin level.

Step 3 Hydration Station

  • Drink water or other beverage at the Hydration Station prior to your donation.

Step 4 Donation

  • Sit in comfortable chair/cot near other donors
  • Answer a few questions and extend donor arm
  • Squeeze a ball to keep the blood flowing. Once needle is in place, it usually takes less than 10 minutes to draw a unit of blood
  • Occasionally it may be necessary to lower the upper part of your chair and/or raise your legs
  • Complete donation, after which the needle will be removed and a bandage applied.

Step 5 Revitalization Station

  • Sit and relax for a few minutes to have a snack and a drink after being escorted to the Revitalization Station
  • All Done! Enjoy your day. You’ve earned it!  You’ve helped save a life!

Step 6 After Donation

  • Avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for a few hours. If you feel light-headed, lie down until feeling better.

To find out more about where and when you can donate your precious gift of life, please contact your Community Blood Center at 1-816-753-4040 or call toll-free 1-888-647-4040.